Pen & Ink, with a Positive Think!

I have 5 different mini-murals coming to fruition around town presently...

1) Kanon Gallery - 766 Santa Fe Dr. (first ever - aside from chalk version at 

Chocolate Spokes Bike Studio, once upon a time...), Denver, CO (Thurs-Sun Noon-5)

2) Crema Coffeehouse - 2862 Larimer St., Denver, CO (Mon-Fri 7 - 5)

3-5) Design Wright Studios - 2800 Walnut St Ste. 600, Denver ,CO (Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat 11-5)

I still have waffle-themed framed pieces & a lampshade @ Waffle Brothers South - 700 E 1st Ave - Denver, CO (Mon-Sun 7-4)

I've also got a piece in the "For the Record Show" month of October 

(my piece has been held over for November as well) at Spectra Art Space

- 1836 S Broadway - Denver, CO (Mon-Fri Noon-9, Sat 11-9, Sun 11-7:10)

Please check out my Facebook Page & Instagram for the most current projects, etc.

Above are an example of one of my lamp shades that looks rather pastel when lit only externally (left).  

Abracadabra - once lit from within - it comes to life - like an animated film! (right) - 

Currently @ Waffle Brothers on E 1st Ave. (Open daily for breakfast & lunch 7 AM to 4 PM)

I drew this up for "Even Steven Sandwiches" located near Sloan's Lake

245 W Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80204 (Mon-Sat 7-10, Sun 9-4)

They have all-you-can-eat French Toast on Sundays!

Feel Free to Follow my INSTAGRAM - Erin.Ames.Ault


I've pretty much been drawing buildings of some sort or another since I was a small child of about 2 or 3 years of age, given the fact that I was raised by an architect Father and artist Mother, whom luckily encouraged my creativity as well as inspired much of it with their own artistic pursuits as well as the constant exposure to their interests (lots of museums, looking at houses, etc.)  ... and yes, I've become my parents - and I'm proud of it!

My most current projects, drawings, etc. are always posted to my facebook page:

...and to instagram

Please find current items FOR SALE by visiting my Etsy Store - follow this link.

I'm not so great at keeping up with the Etsy Store, so the best way to follow me is via my Facebook Page listed above...  You can always request a "special" commissioned piece as well.  I've enjoyed creating quite a few unique, but also "unique to my style", pieces upon request.

My Work

Beginning with drawings on napkins, paper napkin rings, paper bags, and paper towels at coffee shops and restaurants, both to help me focus on conversation with friends as well as to stave off being "hAngry" while awaiting a delicious "safe" meal along with the server's help in dealing with my Celiacs and multiple food allergies - my styles morphed and continually improved...

Starting with the "Thank you for having my back and my stomach for that matter" napkins, etc., I've continued creating these "Thank You" pieces, but have also moved into other areas with my work...

I have explored water color paper, (pre-painted by friends or plain white), worked with rice paper, and other types of papers or recycled cardboard such as cut up cereal and other food boxes turned up-cycled postcards with a "Gluten-Free" theme and pasted-on hand-cut drawings - sent to various parts of the country & throughout world.

I enjoy working in many mediums, such as wire, clay, fabric, cloth, wood, pretty much anything I can give a go with - looking forward to trying Cake creations with my friend and co-worker Architect & Baker/Cake Designer Jene Alie of "Anything But Vanilla".  I try to find unique ways of framing, displaying, creating my works so each is unique and speaks to the individuals who view them, but they have to agree with me prior to being set free, and yes, many are similar, but none are the same (kind of like the human race, no?).

I have fun - literally chuckle/giggle to myself, while drawing special rooms, spaces & places, elevators, funky trees and tree houses, soft-looking rolling hills and jagged mountains,  along with unusual "get-aways" for people to explore in their minds as well as on/in my drawings.

I enjoy drawing at local coffee shops and restaurants including: 
Fluid Coffee Bar, Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub, Hutch & Spoon, Crema Coffee House, Coffee at The PointSt. Mark's, Stella's, Tattered Cover Book Store in LoDo and even out in "The Burbs" right off the Light Rail at Englewood City Center at Solid Grounds Coffee House and a little further along Hampden in Englewood at Fireside Books and Coffee, and pretty much anywhere else that will have me - Racine's Restaurant has always been a favorite relaxing/drawing place and they know me, my allergies, and my napkin art quite well...

I'd like to welcome you to look through my small "starter" portfolio for samples of my work.  Most of these images are of works that I only have photos of as I've gifted most of my creations to date, but I'll happily create similar works upon request - such as the ornaments.  I'll likely also create a section of "new works" that will be listed for sale eventually.

If you have any questions, please contact me.






Drawings and Other Artistic Creations by the Artist

Some of my pieces on various mediums: 

Watercolor paper, Napkins, Paper bags, etc. 

Extra Special Creations for 

Special Occasions

Some of my iPhone Drawings 


I want to give a hug and a


to everyone who's believed in me even when I haven't believed in myself - your kindness and support mean the world to me!

Of course, it's a very different world... 


I'd also like to give a shout out to the awesome duo at Nooch Vegan Market for supplying me with nourishment

and conversation and to Little Man Ice Cream for being so "sweet" & "cool" 

I've often enjoyed drawing while letting my sorbet warm a bit!




The Yellow Umbrella Project:

I just thought I'd see if I could draw right upon an umbrella that I had about - I ended up propping a box under each panel as I worked on it, then just used my regular Sharpie and a fine point Sharpie for extra details and drew the 4 panels.  I'm not in love with all the houses, but they each have elements I enjoyed creating.  My favorites are the skinny tall ones vs. the short wide ones...  I ended up giving this to a lovely young lady - Briana - I met downtown on the 16th St. Mall - while she was seeing her friend off to go to college in Aurora.  It won't be my last, but it was certainly my first.

Drawings from my Hawaiian Vacation:

Yes, I drew on paper I'd brought with me on the plane out, on napkins while on the various islands, and then I was inspired to draw little huts for weeks and months afterward, but my style continued to gravitate toward villages and towers and growing houses...

The Postcards:

These are made from Reused, Up-Cycled Food Boxes, Pen & Ink on Paper, Xacto Cut and "Mod Podge"-Pasted into place for texture and often clear-coated to protect during transit, but also framed and never sent.

I created a rectangular cutting template from Aluminum and used a stair tread for the gripper on the back to make quick work of chopping boxes down to size.  In the photos below, I show my tools, as well as some before, during, and after shots.  This is a great way to keep in contact with those non-Facebooking friends throughout the world...

Pop-Up Creations: 

First designs are from High School over 20 years ago - a little dusty now - some more recent creations and oldies revisited through photography.

My 1st Ever Pop-Up - Little Guy in a Park, followed by The Kitchen, The Bathroom, A Cuckoo Clock with smily guy, Beowulf Comic Strip, City Traffic, The Island, 1st Nephew's Baby Room (Noah's Arc Theme), and The Farm


 - Please excuse the paper dust - 


My Home Gallery

 Above: My Home Gallery                                Right (aka "Stage Left"): A Giant Turtle I Met Recently

Have you ridden a giant turtle lately?
 PS:  I do LOVE pink...